Thank you in advance to those who are able and willing to provide extras for our classroom.
These supplies are always needed throughout the year!
1. A Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener for the whole class to use!!!
2. Small hand-held pencil sharpeners for students to share at their seats.
3. White Copy Paper / Colored Copy Paper
4. Loose Leaf College Ruled Paper
5. Graph Paper
6. Tissues, Tissues, Tissues!!!!!!
7. Quart size Ziplock Bags
8. Colored Pencils
9. Markers
10. Colored Pens
11. Clorox Wipes / Cleaning Spray
12. Small Dry Erase Markers
13. Band Aids, Band Aids, Band Aids (all sizes)
14. Tennis Balls to put on the legs of the desks
15. Paper Towels
16. Candy / Snacks for Rewards
17. Card Stock
18. Lead for Mechanical Pencils
19. Pencils (wood and mechanical)
20. Hand Sanitizer
21. AA and AAA Batteries