Foundations of Algebra I

Class Syllabus

Algebra I is one of the most essential math classes; the objectives we will cover in Algebra I serve as the basis for all other math classes in high school as well as in college. Foundations of Algebra was created to help students transition to and be more prepared for Algebra I. Algebra I concludes with an End-of-Course Test administered by the state of North Carolina. This ear, Algebra I will follow the nations new Common Core Standards and will therefore push critical thinking and academic perseverance.

I am committed to helping you succeed in this classroom and you all have the ability to accomplish great things. That does not mean that Algebra I is an easy or simple course. You will have to work extremely hard and you will constantly be challenged. That being said, I am always here for you. You will find that I am a strict and rigorous yet fair teacher who cares greatly for my students. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please see me before or after class to set up a time to meet. Do not hesitate to text me or email me, if that works best for you. Be proactive about your education, and I will too!

Contact Information for Ms. Wise

Text Messages: (307) 466-4848
Class Website:
Classroom: 807
Office: 100
School Phone: (980) 343-6080
School Website:

Supplies for Success

*Please speak with me immediately if you need financial assistance with these supplies*
~1 or 1½ inch three ring binder
~5 dividers (Warm Up, Homework, Classwork, Assessments, Paper)
~Loose leaf paper (no spiral notebooks)
~Graph paper
~Package of Pencils (preferably mechanical) *No work will be accepted in pen*
~Red Pen (used only for checking over HW and CW)
~Colored Pencils
~Graphing Calculator (TI-83 or TI-84)


Weight of Grades
Tests / Projects………….50%
Warm Ups / Classwork…20%

Grading Scale
100 – 93……….A
92 – 85………...B
84 – 77………...C
76 – 70………...D
69 – 0………….F

Classroom Expectations

*Any deviations from the following may result in reprimand, classroom consequences, parent contact, detention, referral or any such combination*
  • Follow all rules in the student handbook
  • Be in your assigned seat and working on the warm up when the tardy bell rings
  • Be prepared each day for class with your homework and supplies
  • NO food, drink, or candy in class (clear water bottle is the exception)
  • Use positive communication skills. Be polite, courteous, and respectful of your classmates and myself
  • No electronic devices are allowed out during class unless directed be the teacher. Any items that are visible during class time will be confiscated (see student handbook pg. 3)
  • Follow all directions given by the teacher
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called on to contribute to the class
  • Take responsibility for your learning

Class Website: Please visit my website on a regular basis for important class information and announcements. The website can be used to keep updated on the happenings in the classroom as well as active student assignments. I will update the website with notes from each class to help you at home and if absent. I hope this website can be used to effectively communicate with parents and students, as well as provide resources for success in Algebra I this year!

Parent Assist: Parents can access their students’ grades with a password (assigned by a guidance counselor). The link is on the West Mecklenburg Website. Forms can be picked up from the guidance office. For more information, please contact your guidance counselor. It is highly recommended that parents check their students’ grades on a regular basis. Parents may request a conference at any time.

Attendance: West Mecklenburg abides by a strict attendance policy. Any student who misses more than ten days of a given class will fail the class, regardless of the student’s grade! If a student does miss more than ten days, he or she must complete recovery hours by attending extended day tutorials.

Warm Ups: Will be completed during the first five minutes of class individually. They will be graded for accuracy. I will vary how I collect them. Warm ups may be collected daily, weekly, or I may just ask for specific questions. You need to make sure to check your work for accuracy and keep up with all warm ups, even when absent.

Homework: Will be assigned most nights. Homework assignments will count 10 points each (unless otherwise specified). You must copy down the problem and show all work to receive full credit. I should be able to logically follow all the work for each problem. Please circle or highlight your final answer. Late homework will only be accepted the following day for half credit (5pts). The assignment must be fully complete for half credit. If you are absent, then you have that many days to make up your homework. It is up to you to show me this assignment. I will not be asking for it!

Tests and Quizzes: The dates for Tests will be posted on the board and on my website in advance. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced. If you are absent on a test day, you will need to see me on the day you return to arrange a makeup. You have one week to make up a test. Any test that is not made up will result in a grade that is a zero.

Organization: All students are expected to keep their binders up to date and organized. Students are expected to bring their binder to and from school every day and I will conduct as least one binder check (for a quiz grade) each quarter. This binder check may be announced or unannounced. Students are responsible for any and all missed work. Anytime a student misses class, he or she can find all makeup work in the absent folder. Notes can be printed from my website or copied from a classmate. Each student is expected to come to class prepared and with a sharpened pencil, as no work will be accepted in pen.

Extra Help: If you need extra help, I will be available Mondays and Fridays afterschool till 3:30 in room 807. I will also be able to tutor at other times by appointment only. If you have any questions that are not cleared up in class, this is an excellent time to see me. In addition, feel free to email or text me anytime for help with homework. If you plan on attending tutoring, please let me know the morning of so that I can plan accordingly.