Extra Credit Assignments

(You must speak with Ms. Wise to get one of the extra credit assignments approved in advance in order to receive the points. Each assignment is worth up to 10 points in the class work category. No more than 2 extra credit assignments may be turned in per quarter.)

Directions: Write a response to the following scenario on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure your response is clear, logical, and verifies your reasoning. Show any and all work necessary to achieving your answer. What was your strategy that you used to arrive at your answer?

A baseball player gets a 20% raise. The next year his performance drops and his salary is cut 20%. He says, "Oh well. At least I'm making as much as I did before." Is he right? Why or why not?

At a carnival, the dart fame uses a square game board with a side length of 8 feet. In order to win the game, the dart you throw must land in one of four non-overlapping circles located on the board. Each circle has a diameter of 18 inches. If a dart lands on the board, what is the probability (%) of it landing in one of the four circles? Show the model you used to find the probability.

A 10 foot by 14 foot wall contains two window openings that each measure 3 feet by 5 feet. Make a scale drawing of the wall and windows and find the percent of the wall that will need to be painted.

The Barnes family loves Chip-a-Lot and Soft-n-Chippy chocolate chip cookies. When the cookies were almost gone, Mrs. Barnes sent her son, Oscar, to a local grocery store to buy more. At the store, Oscar saw that each brand of cookies came in packages of two different sizes. He had enough money to buy any of the packages, but he wanted to get the best buy.
Chips-a-Lot - Regular Size: 16 oz. $2.80 Family Size: 24 oz. $3.99
Soft-n-Chippy - Regular Size: 20 oz. $3.30 Family Size: 35 oz. $5.94

1. Explain how Oscar could decide which package is the best buy.
2. Use the method you described above to determine which package Oscar should buy.
3. On the way home, Oscar discovered that another store was having a special sale on Yum-Yum cookies, another family favorite. The sale price was $6.10 for two regular (18 oz.) packages. Did Oscar miss a better buy? Explain.

Most Square Task - A new housing subdivision offers lots of three different sizes: 185 feet by 245 feet, 75 feet by 114 feet, and 455 feet by 508 feet. If you were to view these lots from above, which would appear most square? Which would appear least square? Explain your answers.

Barnyard - A rectangle enclosure is made with 120 feet of fencing on three sides. The fourth side is the wall of the barn. Find the greatest possible area of such an enclosure. Show the picture you used as part of your work.

Ms. Wise went to the grocery store. All the items in her cart totaled $132.58. Then she gave the cashier all her coupons: 5 coupons were for $0.75 off, 5 coupons were for $0.35 off, 3 coupons were for $1.00 off, and 4 coupons were for $0.25 off, and 2 of the coupons were for buy one get one free (a $2.30 value each). The great thing was the Harris Teeter was having their "Triple Coupon Day" for all coupons that were less than $0.99. the tax on groceries in NC is 2%.
1. How much did Ms. Wise save with her coupons?
2. How much is the tax on the bill?
3. How much did Ms. Wise actually have to pay at the grocery store?
4. What is the difference in saving between the original amount (132.58 with tax) and the new total (after triple coupons and tax)?
5. What would the total have been on a "Double Coupon Day"?
6. What would the total have been on a "Regular Coupon Day"?

An airplane is carrying 181 passengers. The number of passengers who had economy tickets was 11 more than the number of passengers who had super-saver tickets. The number of passengers who had full-fare tickets was 7 less than the number of passengers who had super-saver tickets. How many passengers had each kind of ticket? (Show all work and the equations that you used to arrive at your answer. Describe in words the process that you took to solve this problem)